About Project

1.1. General information

Project title: ENEN2plus: Building European Nuclear Competence through continuous Advanced and Structured Education and Training Actions

Funding scheme: HORIZON-EURATOM

ECGA number: 101061677

Programme and call:Nuclear Research and Training (HORIZON-EURATOM-2021-NRT-01-13)


Project duration: 48 months (1 June 2022 – 31 May 2026)

1.2. Background

Nuclear power and non-power technologies are technically very complex facilities that operate in the increasingly challenging regulatory framework and market conditions.

Development, construction, operation, decommissioning, waste management and oversight of these facilities require personnel with excellent education, skills and motivation: nuclear specialists, that are equipped to work in multidisciplinary, multicultural and competitive environments.

Excellent workforce should remain the basic enabler of safe long-term operation of existing and development of advanced facilities.

ENEN2plus stands for the largest and most integrative nuclear Education and Training (E&T) efforts up to date, integrates the still fragmented European E&T community by bringing together the large number of participants from all nuclear energy related fields and from the non-power applications.

1.3. Objectives

  1. Analysing the needs of human resources (HRs) in the nuclear sector
  2. Informing and attracting new talents to the nuclear field
  3. Enhancing nuclear competences by continuous E&T programmes
  4. Developing sustainable vocational training programs and networks
  5. Establishing a successful mobility scheme for nuclear talents
  6. Internationalization and stakeholders involvement

1.4. Work Plan (Organisation of the project)

The work plan is structured into eight packages (WPs)

WP1 -Human Resources analysis in the nuclear sector – led by GIFEN/I2EN

The objective of WP1 is to evaluate the workforce required by the nuclear sector in Europe and to identify any gaps in terms of nuclear Education & Training to match the needs.

WP2 -Informing and attracting new talents – led by SCK CEN

WP2 is aimed at:

  • development of one single point of entry for information on nuclear education, training, job opportunities, and access to facilities,
  • the organization of career events where information on education, training and careers in nuclear is given and opportunities for networking between students, young professionals and employers are created,
  • increasing the visibility of outstanding work related to nuclear research or applications,
  • outreach towards pupils and their teachers with dedicated competitions and summer schools,
  • promoting transdisciplinary approaches to create awareness on the broad applications of ionising radiation in nuclear as well as non-nuclear industry and healthcare.

WP3 -Enhancing nuclear competences: continuous E&T programs– led by BME

The objectives of the WP3 are as follows:

  • the analysis and benchmarking of existing E&T programs provided by other European projects and the development of E&T materials for new themes according to the needs,
  • the organization of events for BSc/MSc/PhD students,
  • the setup of networking cross-YG and cross-professional organizations as stimulating collaboration in the different nuclear fields,
  • the revision of existing EU strategy for E&T in nuclear.

WP4 - Development of Sustainable Vocational Training Program and Network – led by ST

The objectives of the WP4 are:

  • to understand and analyse the existing Vocational Education and Training (VET) offer in the nuclear field,
  • identify critical jobs in the nuclear domain and specify vocational training that will contribute to resolve the criticality,
  • contribute to resolving the current fragmentation of the relevant nuclear vocational training opportunities in the EU,
  • guarantee a coherent and sustainable Euratom vocational training programme.

WP5 - Mobility schemes for nuclear talents – led by JSI

The WP aims at enhancing EURATOM competences through mobility opportunities, including access to world-class infrastructures and job perspectives.

The WP objectives are:

  • develop, implement and manage a comprehensive mobility scheme,
  • establish and implement links with project(s) supporting access to infrastructures,
  • identify and follow-up opportunities for sustainable funding.

WP6 – Internationalization and stakeholder involvement – led by ENEN

The objective of WP6 is to engage international organizations with the scope to provide the necessary set of Educational and Training actions to nuclear domains that are missing the expertise at the level of EU.

WP7 - Communication and Dissemination - led by ENEN

The objectives of WP7 are: to disseminate the project results to targeted audiences and general public, to assure communication with relevant stakeholders and decision makers, to support outreach to potential beneficiaries.

WP8 - Project and data management- led by ENEN

The objective of WP8 is to ensure efficient “Project management” and “Data and knowledge management”. Included is also the organization of project meetings and steering of the project management bodies.

1.5. Expected impact

  • A detailed overview of European human resources in the nuclear field (current needs, gaps and future prospects) will be developer.
  • Higher number of nuclear talents will be achieved through dedicated career related events and competitions for high school pupils and teachers, students (BSc, MSC, PhD), postdocs and lifelong learners.
  • A strong mobility program will support over 100 person-years of nuclear career enhancing experience to about 1.000 learners with over 2,5 million EUR.
  • Cross-border and cross-disciplinary mobility within and beyond EU will be promoted in cooperation with JRC, OECD/NEA and partners from USA, Canada, China, Korea and Japan.
  • A single hub will be established to provide information on available educational, training and job opportunities.
  • Appropriate connections with the complementary projects facilitating access to research infrastructures will be maintained.
  • A centralized platform with coherent information on vocational training programs, developed during the project, will be established.